Distributor/Instructors Express Extension tool kits PARTNER

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Become a distributor and educate others on hair extensions, eye lash extensions, nail extensions, wigs, and/or make up class instructor to create more income!

This includes:

25 hours of training 

Instructors certification to teach for our education program

Certification credentials to legally certify others

USB with all certification documents 

Certificate paper and official seals

10 Express Extension training Kits of your choice.

Each kit is sold with a class! Become an instructor to host your own classes!

Learning is Earning! Join today!

This is a Business in a box opportunity! Start today!

(Every kit can be re-sold for $300-$500 creating a nice profit)

10 x $400= $4000.00 giving you a ROI of an additional $2000

All Partners will be able to purchase all learning kits at distributors cost after the initial investment to become a partner.

Need more details? Email us at info@expressextensionkits.com or Lydia@expressextensionkits.com