Deposit!! Six Method Hair Extension Class (Group class)

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The Successful Express Hair Extension Tool Kit is like no other. It is packed with the tools you need to start applying and removing hair extensions in your salon or school.

1 Hot Fusion Iron 

1oz Keratin Glue Granules

200 Micro Links Brown 

200 Micro Links Blonde 

200 Micro Links Black 

1 Bottle Bonding Glue 

1 Bottle Glue Remover 

1 Pack Rubber Bands 

3 Protector shields 

1 Rat Tail Comb 

1 Roll Thread Brown 

1 Roll Thread Blonde 

1 Roll Thread Black 

2 C Shaped Sewing Needles 

1 Micro Sewing Needle 

1 Pair Application Pliers 

1 Pair Shears 

2oz Practice Hair 

1 Gator Holding Clip 

12 Metal Holding Clips