• Italian keratin Fusion Glue Pellets

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    Fusion Glue Pellets

    Product description

    Professional Salon Grade Authentic High Quality 100% Italian Keratin Glue Gain / Granules In White / Color Clear;

    Used For Applying Pre-Bonding Installation or Rebonding Old Hair Extensions Strands, Keratin can be used with stick/I-tip, nail/U-tip, V-tip, flat-tip hair extensions. Keratin glue is applied using Hair Extension Hot Fusion Connector or Heat Glue Pot. Removed easily with a hair extension remover, Use to Bonds Strands Of Raw Human Hair or Synthetic Hair.

    100% Genuine Qulaity Italian Keratin is Extra Strong Hold Clear Glue,

    will Not Slip if applied Properly and can last up to 6 Month;

    Made In Italy, Not Fake !!!

    1) Size: Small Grains, Each granule is approximately 2 mm wide and 2.5mm high

    2) Quality: Made with High Quality Keratin Glue

    3) Material: 100% Genuine Italian Keratin Glue Granules