Premium Glue HS-10


Glue Tips and Facts
  1- Glue can settle or separate in the bottle; the glue needs to be shaken vigorously for a full minute
 before each use to make sure all ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Shake side to side with nozzle
 pointed upwards to prevent glue from being forced in to the tip.
 2-Glue bottle cap needs to be tightened securely to not allow air to enter in the bottle. Make sure to
 wipe nozzle off with a piece of paper (nothing with fibers like paper towels or cotton balls) to prevent
 the glue from drying in the cap.
 3-Glue must be stored in a cool dry place, under 71 degrees but not in a refrigerator. Refrigerators
 have low temperatures and can cause condensation to build inside the bottle and spoil the glue
 prematurely. It’s best to use a magic pack for freshness.
4-While applying lashes, glue needs to be dispensed every 20 -30 minutes or it loses it’s strength. If you
use the same drop for the whole application the glue may fail. Rooms with higher temperatures
and/or higher humidity levels can cause the glue to set faster and may need to be re-dispensed more
often than 20 minutes.
 5-A jade stone will help keep the temperature a bit lower to slow down the exposed glues dry time.
 Make sure the stone is completely clean and residue is removed with distilled water before
 6-Wipe down lashes with a lint free cloth and distilled or saline water. Lashes have residue from soap,
 makeup, oil based products that will prevent the glue from adhering to the natural lash. A primer is best to use prior to lash application.
 7-Clients cannot get their lashes wet within 24-48 hours of the application or fill. No products can be
 applied, including sealers, to the lashes for 48 hours to prevent the glue from being compromised.
8-Glue dry time can be affected by your room temperature and humidity. If room temperature is too
hot (above 78 degrees) the glue will dry before the lash is completely set. Room temperature needs
to be between 71-78 degrees for application with humidity levels between 45-60%.
9-Unopened glue will be good for minimum of 90 days after purchase. After 90 days, each glue can
vary on it’s “use by” date. Once opened it is recommended that the glue be replaced after 30 days of
daily use. Daily use exposes the glue in the bottle to air that will lower the glue’s effectiveness. Higher
humidity and temperature exposure can cause the glue to expire faster.
10- Make sure to educate clients that they will shed up to 5 natural lashes a day on average, so seeing lash extensions on the vanity top is normal!